An Italian story: Artisans & Shoes

The adventure began in 1957 near Verona (Italy), thanks to my mother, the true expert in shoe hand crafting (Ridolfi is our family name). I've been interested in shoes since my University studies and I believe in handmade business with great value. Now I run our family-business, and I can count on my mother's expertise and my father's creative support.

I like to think that times are ready to show the world a new way to enjoy shoes: hand-painted. My brand looks after the whole production, from the leather's selection, through model design and free-hand paint operations, to the sales of an authentic Italian handcrafted product. 100% made in Italy.

It's not just about the shape. Hand-painted colour makes every shoes a distinguished and unique piece, looking back to the great tradition of Italian art. I make my shoes with absolute care and I like to explore the infinite range of creative possibilities. I pay serious attention to the research and the quality of top level materials, together with care of the comfort of my shoes.
The most interesting shoe, is the one not yet realized!

* A note:
For me, "made in Italy" is a promise of beauty and high quality: I guarantee a product entirely handmade and crafted in Italy! This is my commitment.